Complementing our core business of professional trusteeship, we offer a comprehensive Scheme Secretarial service.

We have a team of experienced, proactive Scheme Secretaries offering a complete secretarial service across the full spectrum of client sizes. The team also provides procurement services to assist trustee adviser appointments.

Secretarial services means many different things to many different people, from a restricted minute taking role through to quasi pensions management or working in tandem with in-house teams. However it is shaped, the role generally revolves around the traditional tasks of preparing trustee meeting packs, producing minutes, efficiently driving forward agreed actions and acting as a focal point for all stakeholders. Whatever your definition of the secretarial role we will be able to help.

Secretarial work sounds easy, but as Trustees ourselves we do not underestimate how difficult the role can be, nor under value the work of a good Secretary – they are critical in supporting the Trustees and ensuring the smooth, stress-free running of scheme business.

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