We provide professional independent trusteeship and associated governance services to a wide range of occupational pension schemes. Over more than 30 years in business we have built up an outstanding track record in delivering great outcomes for members and sponsors by being focused on just those services.

We are one of the largest Professional Trustee firms in the UK and have built a strong market reputation for delivering excellent outcomes for our clients over many years. Some of the key points about us are:

  • We are client-centred. Everything is based on the needs on that specific client. That and the calibre of the Professional Trustees who work with us is central to our success.
  • We are diverse. The Professional Trustees who work with us come from a wide range of professional backgrounds ensuring we can meet differing client needs and provide support and diversity of thought within our business.
  • We are not niche. Our clients range from some of the smallest schemes in the country to some of the very largest. The challenges they face vary. Whatever a client’s needs we have the expertise to meet them.
  • As a governance firm you should expect us to be well governed ourselves and we are! We have a full board, including a Non-Executive Director, AAF 02/07 accreditation and a strong governance framework led by our Internal Governance Team.
  • We have UK-wide coverage, with offices in London, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Belfast. Our professional trustees are based nationwide.

We are also a bit different, as you can see below.

The Capital Cranfield Difference

We are proud to be operationally and culturally just that little bit different. Here are some of the reasons why.

Wholly independent

We are owner-managed, we have no external shareholders or private equity backers and no links with any advisory firms. This means we have total independence, enabling our Professional Trustees to bring an entirely objective view to our appointments without any influence or pressure of targets.

If you hear any market chatter that we’re a franchise, ignore it! That’s neither our ownership model nor our delivery model.

Expert and experienced

A Professional Trustee is often a discretionary spend and clients should expect real added value There can be a multitude of reasons to appoint a Professional Trustee, but whatever the driver, a Capital Cranfield Trustee will have considerable relevant experience, supplemented by gravitas and credibility – not to mention access to the widest pool of Trustee experience in the country.

Personal ownership

Our Professional Trustees immerse themselves in their appointments, dealing with all aspects personally. You will not suddenly find yourself dealing with a junior, nor will a random colleague turn up to certain meetings. Relationships are key to our business, and we always seek to develop a long-term relationship between client and their selected Professional Trustee.


Quite intentionally, our Professional Trustees are drawn from a wide range of complementary backgrounds to ensure we have diverse thinking within the business and to meet differing client needs. Robust internal debate is commonplace and delivered from a wide range of experiences and perspectives, which we see as healthy and all to the ultimate benefit of clients.

Client centred

Our Professional Trustees share information and experiences to the benefit of their clients, but we do not impose constraints like house views or preferred providers. We prefer to empower our Professional Trustees to work with their Trustee Boards to arrive at outcomes that they judge are best for that particular situation.