Professional Trusteeship is an increasingly challenging but immensely fulfilling role.

We always want to hear from high calibre people driven to help pension scheme members and contribute to our culture and continued success. Have you got what it takes to join our team of Professional Trustees?

In choosing a Professional Trustee, clients seek real added value  not just ‘another trustee’. Our team of Professional Trustees is diverse – in background, qualification, skillset, personality, style and geography, but what they all have in common is a relevant background, professionalism and a strong sense of commitment to achieve good outcomes for their clients.

Harus Rai
Managing Director

Current opportunities

If you are interested in working with us as a Professional Trustee, please read on and get in touch if you would like an initial conversation. From time-to-time, other vacancies also arise in our Support Teams and they are also advertised here and through our LinkedIn page.

We are always keen to talk to high-calibre people interested in Professional Trusteeship as a career.

There are a lot of opportunities for Professional Trustees, but it is also a competitive market. If you have the skills and ambition, we will help you develop your career.

Here are a few things to think about:

  • We are open minded on your professional background and actively seek Professional Trustees with differing earlier careers and experiences. Whatever your background you will have to display a sound understanding of pensions, the trustee role and an ability to influence senior level decision makers.
  • Previous trustee experience is not essential if you have other excellent pensions credentials but, unsurprisingly, it really does help.
  • We are a diverse and inclusive team and this is what clients and prospective clients increasingly look for too.
  • Is your technical knowledge supplemented by softer skills? In particular are you a convincing communicator as this will be important in both your trustee work and building a portfolio?
  • Do you have a USP, why would a prospective client choose you over other well qualified candidates?
  • Accreditation. We will require you to become accredited by either the Association of Professional Pension Trustees or the Pensions Management Institute. If you are serious about a career in Professional Trusteeship, the earlier you are accredited the better.

Ticking most of those boxes?  Great, please get in touch for an initial conversation.

The various Professional Trustee firms all operate very differently. We offer:

  • Self-determination of your own workloads, when and how you work and which client work to bid for. Culturally we are very different to a target driven environment.
  • Remuneration on a revenue share basis which brings excellent potential but no guarantees.
  • Freedom to work with your clients as you see fit without constraints like house views from ‘the centre’.
  • Supportive and collegiate team environment with a wide range of experience to help you work through client matters as required. Many of our Professional Trustees cite our support network as a key reason for working with us.
  • On-going new business generation through our powerful brand and relationships with introducers.
  • Professional Indemnity insurance and strong governance infrastructure.