Most of us now depend on Defined Contribution (DC)  arrangements for our future pension provision, which has given DC much higher prominence and greater governance requirements than ever before.

DC trusteeship carries a different emphasis to Defined Benefit (DB) schemes, with more emphasis on supporting members in making the right decisions at each stage of their working life and retirement.

This makes it vital for those overseeing DC arrangements not only to deliver top class governance but also communicate effectively with the members to ensure that those members understand their investments and options to give them the best chance of good outcomes.

Our DC experience is wide, including standalone schemes, DC sections of hybrid schemes, several Authorised Master Trusts and Independent Governance Committees for contract-based providers. We have gained particular experience and expertise in transferring schemes or DC sections of hybrid schemes to Master Trusts.

Many of our Professional Trustees work widely across both DB and DC benefit structures but we also have some out and out DC specialists with prominent industry profiles in the DC arena.

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