Richard joined Capital Cranfield in 2017, with a main emphasis on looking after our new business activities.

Although seldom admitting it in polite company, he is a career pensions professional with broad experience covering consultancies, the Pension Review (eye-opening!) and inhouse. Before joining Capital Cranfield he worked for another Professional Trustee firm for nine years.

Richard is a member of our Executive Committee, responsible for the day to day management of the business. His role is wide ranging and includes lead generation, bid writing, managing relationships with intermediaries and looking after our website. He enjoys working with Capital Cranfield as it is big enough to have a formal structure, but small enough to encourage involvement in many aspects of the business as part of a tight knit team.

Away from work Richard lives in a household dominated by furry friends and spends too much despairing that England haven’t won enough rugby world cups. He is a fully paid up MAMIL who can be found puffing and panting his way up the hills of Surrey, Sussex and Kent most weekends.