Michele joined Capital Cranfield in 2020 with over 30 years in the pensions industry, the last ten of which include Trusteeship.

Michele specialised in executive pensions management looking after multi-billion pound schemes. She has a real-world insight into the challenges faced by both pension schemes and sponsors and has a detailed understanding of what is needed to run complex pension arrangements. Michele has worked across a number of complex and unusual projects across her career leading to multiple nominations at the Women in Pensions Awards.

This wide-ranging expertise means that she is ideally placed to ensure that, in her Trustee roles, she can add high value and bring constructive challenge to advisers in all aspects. Also, Michele never loses sight of who the pension scheme is for, the beneficiaries.

A passionate pensions professional Michele was once told that she “wasn’t a typical pensions manager” which she took as a compliment.

Michele’s focus and energy spreads through her whole life and she is the epitome of “if you want something doing give it to a busy person”. With a plethora of pets she will admit that maybe 6 cats is a couple too many. She is also learning Turkish in her spare time.


“Michele inspires respect by combining leadership and strength of conviction with a candid communication style and a deep consideration for others – her colleagues, pension scheme members, trustees, consumers and advisers. Michele is an open advocate for diversity and inclusion, and is generous with her time in developing others even when she is incredibly busy herself.”

Alex Skinner