John, is an Accredited Professional Trustee (AMAPPT) who has been available through Capital Cranfield since September 2021. John is currently the Lead Trustee via Capital Cranfield for 7 pension schemes.

Having worked as a Partner and Actuary at Mercer for 27 years prior to becoming a Professional Trustee he was a client facing consultant responsible for both the strategic advice on pension schemes ranging from £7m to £7bn and Mercer’s overall delivery of services to many household name companies. In addition, he ran Mercer’s successful actuarial team in the Midlands and South-West region for 5 years.

John has worked widely as both Scheme Actuary and corporate adviser giving him a deep understanding of the perspectives of both parties. He has successfully led Trustee Boards and Companies through strategic initiatives including pensioner buy-ins, full scheme buy-outs, liability management exercises, funding negotiations, joined up funding and investment strategy discussions, end-game and journey planning, DC strategy and benefit change. He also has hands-on experience of GMP reconciliation and equalisation, investment strategy, fiduciary management, governance, communication and administration.

Outside of Professional Trustee work, John works as a part-time Pensions Manager for a Mental Health Charity and is currently training in preparation for a trek in the Sahara desert with his daughter for the Charity Mind. He used to also be a long-suffering Wolves supporter, but in recent seasons the suffering has diminished.