Joanna has worked with Capital Cranfield Trustees since 2006. Joanna represents Capital Cranfield as chairman of trustees on several schemes, such as NatWest, Vodafone and the Civil Aviation Authority, ranging in asset size up to £56bn.

Joanna trained originally with Clifford Chance and was a partner with Sacker & Partners before working with Capital Cranfield. As chair of trustees or co-trustee, she seeks to ensure that the scheme is run smoothly and professionally with excellent governance.

Joanna has recently helped schemes navigate sensitive issues such as mergers, buy ins, ESG challenges and complex funding and investment arrangements. She brings both her legal expertise and her experience as a trustee to bear in enabling her trustee boards to find pragmatic solutions to the challenges they encounter.

Outside of pensions, Joanna enjoys travelling and spending time with friends and family.


“Joanna is a superbly effective chair, focusing board discussions on the issues that matter yet still ensuring all trustees have a voice. From business as usual through to complex or contentious challenges, the universal respect she earns enables her to guide trustee boards without ever dominating them.”

Mike Webb