George joined us in 2019. He brings over 35 years’ experience in pensions, 25 within senior positions in investment management and 10 years as a Trustee.

His experience covers both public and private sector in Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension funds. He spent the last 16 years at Aberdeen Standard Investments as an Investment Director with the UK Institutional business dealing with pension fund trustees and their advisers on finding suitable investment solutions to help the funding requirements of both small and large pension schemes.

He has extensive experience across all major asset classes, particularly multi asset, Fixed income and LDI/CDI. George also has experience with both trust and contract based DC as well as trustee sub committees for Governance and Investment & Risk.


“George is breaking down barriers with the other key stakeholders. He deliberately started slowly and didn’t barge in with his own ideas; instead, he waited, sounded everyone out and gained their confidence and then began to assert himself. George understands the company’s perspective, which he balances well with his duties to the board/members.”

Michelle Etherington