Our Values

Motivation, Teamwork, Leadership - Mountaineers on a steep mountain ridge

Welcome to Capital Cranfield. Here you will find all the information you need about:

  • The values that underpin our business;
  • How we work with our clients;
  • Our people, who deliver those services and live those values;
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If you would like to discuss how Capital Cranfield can help you meet your independent trustee and governance needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or a member of our team.

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PS: Why mountaineering? You will see we have illustrated our site with images of mountaineering. We believe it encapsulates our values, which lie at the heart of all we do. It requires both an independent and a collegiate approach, with the individual supporting the wider team and vice versa. Successful outcomes require a pragmatic approach to issues and obstacles along the way, and complete trust and integrity in all stages of the journey.

At Capital Cranfield we are:


We have no ties or commitments to any other institution and fiercely protect our independence. We are owned by our Professional Trustees, which frees them of any conflict of interest and enables them to focus solely on meeting client needs.


Our Professional Trustees are unconstrained by a house view. They have no sales or billable hours targets or internal bureaucracy to navigate. Everything is centred on meeting the needs of our clients, which are met by an individual, experienced professional trustee, not by a team junior or substitute.


We have the broadest and deepest pool of professional trustee talent in the market. We select our Professional Trustees from a range of disciplines, including pensions lawyers, actuaries, investment managers and advisers, corporate financiers, pensions managers and consultants. This provides an unsurpassed range of experience and expertise available to our whole team to support them in specific client circumstances.


We listen to our clients. We challenge them and our advisors where appropriate and provide leadership where required. We adapt to our clients’ preferred way of working, always with our fiduciary duty at the centre of our work.


Integrity is the lifeblood of our business. It runs throughout our work and extends to our approach to fellow trustees, sponsors, advisors, competitors and each other.

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