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Tony Filbin Gives Views on Professional Trustee Standards

by Tony Filbin, Group Chairman

Our Chairman Tony Filbin has contributed some personal thoughts on Professional Trustee Standards to Pensions Expert. Tony’s comments are reproduced below and the full article they are part of can be found by clicking here.

Tony Filbin, group chairman of Capital Cranfield Trustees, said the pensions industry’s goal should be to regain the trust of society.

“You have got less chance of doing that if you have some form of self-regulation,” he said.

Filbin recommended a ‘fit and proper’ test, which will be imposed on anyone involved in running a mastertrust anyway as a result of the Pension Schemes Act 2017.

“I for one couldn’t see how we could have a two-tier regulatory system,” he said, adding that the regulator has more resources to extend its remit than it is often said to.